Outdoor Play and Trips

Every child gets the opportunity for outdoor play every day at Kids adVentures. Additionally though, we have a full day of outdoor education for our toddlers and pre-schoolers every week.

At our Prestwich and Salford nurseries all families are offered the chance to book a full time pre-school Forest School place. We have five Forest School leaders working within Kids adVentures.

We go on lots of trips to give the children opportunities to get out into the real world and explore. These include trips to local parks and libraries, nature walks and, more practical trips such as visiting a post office.

Working in small groups allows us to go on more trips and to offer more outdoor education sessions.

Flexible Childcare

We offer more flexibility than most nurseries. Families can take a single half day if they like, we do half days, short days, long days and, we do not have a minimum booking requirement.

We abolished deposits so that the initial cost of childcare was not a barrier to families. This means families do not have to find any up-front cost to start at one of our nurseries.

We provide offers throughout the year such as additional free hours on top of standard funded hours, meaning parents can get more free childcare.

Smaller Settings,  More One to One Time

We specialise in providing small, family feel nursery care. We work in small groups with the same staff in each room meaning you and your child gets to know the room leader and nursery nurses.

Much of what we do is led by the children’s interests; this is a big part of our planning.

Much of the activity that we do from reading and craft sessions through to cooking and outdoor play involve one-to-one time with our staff meaning each child gets learning through play at their own individual pace.

Different Activities Everyday

We have a packed week of activities at Kids adVentures. Aside from our trips out and our outdoor education we also provide a number of other free activities which include: Stretch and Grow exercise, Sing and Sign, Languages, Swimming, Cooking and much more. We rotate the different activities available to keep it stimulating and interesting.

How can we provide all of this?

We are a not for profit organisation, our goal is to provide great quality childcare. Any surplus money goes straight back into the facilities and services that we provide for the children.

Ready to join us?

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