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Our Childcare Facilities

The Baby Room (3 – 24 Months)

Our Salford Baby room is a large, bright space with lots of natural light. There’s plenty of room and facilities for our babies to explore and learn at their own pace.

We utilise lots of natural resources to create quiet areas for relaxation and specific areas for sensory play utilising light, sound and touch.

Our specialist team create opportunities for our babies to experience different sensory play activities from using soft materials and colours through to painting and using foam to allow the children to experience different sensations.

Our babies have a key person based on who they bond with when they start with us and receive lots of care and cuddles throughout the day. Each child’s routine is based on what they are use to at home so that we keep the child in a routine that suits their home life.

Toddlers (2 – 3 years)

As our children start to grow into toddlers and become more physically independent we provide lots of activities to stimulate their growing curiousity.

We have a large dedicated indoor space full of natural resources all at child level meaning the children can learn and play at their own pace. We set up daily focused activities based on the children’s interests, these can range across topics from dinosaurs to learning about foods, we work in small enough groups to ensure that every child has the opportunity to express and explore their interests.

Toddlers also have access to a large outdoor play area where they go out every day. Here we utilise trikes, a clmbing wall, a slide and climbing frame as well as a host of natural resources for learning.

Pre-School (3 years +)

Pre-school is an environment where the children thrive, there is an emphasis here on learning through play. Again we utilise lots of natural resources, but here the focus may be on counting leaves, learning about nature or balancing on a log.

We use the Early Years Foundation Stage learning guidance in everything we do as at this stage we focus on getting the children ready for the transition into school.

We still focus on fun, discovery and caring for the children but there is more of an emphasis on learning.  This is through fun activity to ensure the children enjoy the experience and will involve activities like number games and independent reading.

Salford Forest School

We are passionate about outdoor learning and the benefits this brings to a child’s development.

At our Salford Nursery our pre-school children go on full day forest school adventures 1-3 days every single week.

We have 2 fully qualified Forest School Leaders based at our Salford Nursery. 

For our toddlers and babies we bring forest school influences and sessions to our large outdoor area and we bring the outdoors inside whenever possible.

We have our own Forest School training centre just up the road from the nursery. As a not for profit nursery this is one of the areas that we have invested our surplus into. Every single member of staff is offered free Forest School training.

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