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Our Nursery Facilities

Baby Room (3 months to 2 Years)

In our baby room all resources are low down at baby height to allow the children to engage easily with the different areas. At this age it is all about learning through touch and sensory play.

We work around the routines that you have in place for your baby and as we work in small groups only we are able to cater for each child’s individual needs.

We have created a black and white area for our babies because at this age it is simple and contrasting colors that aid their brain development most. Being surrounded by these colors and shapes encompasses them in a safe, soothing, stress-free environment, but keeps their brains alert.

We have created treasure baskets filled with safe, natural and household objects, which stimulate a baby’s natural curiosity, through their senses.  They are presented to babies to explore from the time they are able to sit.

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Lower Toddlers (2 Years to 2.5 Years)

Our Lower Toddler Room is large, spacious and airy with lots of natural light. We have designed it with a home from home feel, enabling our little ones to grow and explore with confidence.

The room is bright and colourful to encourage stimulating play and we have a large floor area for endless activities. All toys and equipment are placed at child level to encourage independent play and exploration.

The room activities have been designed with learning in mind and we have a black and white area, holistic sensory play, a roleplay corner and a tactile area. Each of our rooms also has a cosy, quiet area.

This room has easy access out into our garden which we use daily. Our Forest School leader works with our toddlers regularly to hold outdoor sessions with the children both in our garden and at the local park.

Upper Toddlers (2.5 Years – 3 Years)

Our Upper Toddler Room is well equipped with a wide variety of exciting equipment to encourage exploration, stimulation and learning. Child friendly storage has been incorporated into the design to allow our toddlers to select their own toys supporting decision making and confidence.

Our toddler room is warm and welcoming to all and has open plan areas where we encourage movement and activity through our varied activity programme. We have sand and water for sensory fun and play, a kitchen roleplay area, a variety of toys such as farm animals and construction, and, extensive mark making equipment.

All our toddlers have easy access to our outdoor space which follows our Forest School ethos. Outdoor play forms an extremely important part of the education and we aim to incorporate an aspect of this into everyday.

Pre-School Room (3 – 5 Years)

Our pre-school children spend most of their time out in our forest school only using the nursery as a base.

The pre-school room is designed to be spacious and exciting with a wide range of planned and spontaneous sessions implemented.

Windows are at the child’s level to encourage engagement with the outdoors and much of the play and learning that we do takes place outside.

Our Radcliffe nursery pre–school children take part in our ‘letters and sounds’ framework which is a nationally recognised government led teaching method to promote speaking and listening skills . The children take part in listening walks and other creative speaking and listening activities. This provides a strong foundation to promote concentration and early reading skills which the children then utilise when they start school.

We place a strong emphasis on preparing the children for the future and invite teachers to come in and visit as the transition period to school draws closer.

Various materials and resources are used to help with fine motor skills especially in doing craft based activities.

Open access to a child friendly toilet is provided with help at hand as needed. We underpin the play and learning with health and hygiene teaching.


Nutrition plays an extremely important part if a child’s upbringing. Here at Kids adVentures we ensure our menu’s are tasty, nutritious and palatable to children. Our menus have been developed in conjunction with the Early Years Nutrition Partnership to ensure children are getting the best possible start.

We also teach the children where their food comes from by incorporating planting and growing sessions into our activity programme.

Our menus have achieved the Golden Apple Award standard meaning the meals that we provide have been assessed as meeting high standards of nutrition and dental health.


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