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The Baby Room (3 – 24 Months)

Our Prestwich Nursery baby area is a bright and airy open space incorporating play areas and quiet areas to suit all needs. Here, babies are given space to learn to explore their environments and are encouraged to develop their senses through a varied range of activities.

Babies in our care receive lots of care and cuddles to ensure they feel loved and secure with the daily routine focusing on the individual requirements of each child. We encourage families to provide pictures so that we can put together family tree displays for each baby ensuring that familiar faces are always on display.


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Little Pre-School (2 – 3 years)

This is where the young turn into little people and it’s an exciting time.
We see their personalities start to shine through and our patient and loving staff will provide lots of care and reassurance.

Our Prestwich Nursery learning environment provides well planned learning experience that encourage lots of child initiated play. Toddlers enjoy a wide range of activities that include messy play, sand, water, music and movement.

Pre-School Forest School (3 years +)

Our Pre-School room caters for children aged three to five years of age who are preparing to take the step from nursery in o Primary school.

Our practitioners who work in Pre-School are highly skilled and experienced in preparing the children for this stage and will support both the child and their family throughout the transition. Our Pre-School room indoor environment allows children to access continuous provision with well-equipped areas to support each area of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and further extend children’s learning, with carefully planned and structured activities that promote reading, writing, maths and science, children are learning as they play. 

Our pre-school regularly visits our dedicated Forest School. This is a safe and enclosed outdoor wooded area complete with a warm pre-school learning room and all of the normal facilities that you would expect from a nursery. The only difference being that we have easy access to lots of fantastic outdoor space and take advantage of this by doing as much learning as possible around nature.

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