Where does our food come from? This is an important part of the learning programme at the Kids adVentures nurseries. Nutrition and food quality are something that we take very seriously, that’s why we employ dedicated chefs who cook everything homemade utilising healthy techniques and sneaking in vegetables and fruit wherever possible

.Harvest 3

We are very grateful to Grandad Bloom, a much loved figure at out Prestwich nursery who once again visited us last week to talk about the vegetable harvest. He brought with him some beautiful carrots and potatoes which he had grown. We buried them in our nursery garden and Grandad Bloom helped the children to discover, dig up and harvest the vegetables. Everyone got involved and had a great time.

Harvest 5

We then had a discussion with the children around what we could do with the vegetables and our chef, Shelly put together a cottage pie which everyone enjoyed.

This is a lovely example of the wider families of our children getting involved in what we do and we truly welcome it. It was fantastic to see the children listening to and learning from Grandad Bloom.

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We hold the Golden Apple Award at both of our nurseries in Prestwich and in Radcliffe and this certifies that we care about nutrition and teeth health. Utilising fresh fruit and vegetables and ensuring we keep sugar to a minimum is all part of this.

We make our recipes, which change every week, available to parents, so if there’s a particular favourite in your household do ask and we will share with you.

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