A group of children from Kids adVentures recently went and shared some of their infectious Christmas excitement with a group of local care home residents when we visited The Angel Centre in Salford.

We took along our Christmas hats and some of our favourite musical instruments, we were ready to go and share some fun.

At The Angel Centre we sat in a circle with the older people and we sung them some of our favourite Christmas songs and nursery rhymes. We taught them the actions to some of the rhymes and they all got involved, we all had a lot of fun.

Afterwards we had tea and drinks together where we all shared funny stories. Some of the older people even read to the children.

Even our shyest children got involved with some showing more confidence than usual, participating and telling their own stories. The children involved came away enthused and full of stories about their day when their parents picked them up at home time.

Speaking about the afternoon, Maria Broadhurst, Manager at Kids adVentures Radcliffe says: “The children that got involved in this project really benefited from the afternoon. It was fantastic to see young and old enjoying activities together, helping each other and sharing stories, I hope we can do more of these sessions in the future.”

The older people really enjoyed the afternoon and went away feeling positive having been part of the community for an afternoon.

Kids adVentures will be looking to arrange more interactive activities that span the ages during 2016.


Social adVentures runs The Angel Centre, a healthy living centre in Salford.  Social adVentures aims to inspire local people of all ages to lead healthier and happier lives.