We have had an extremely busy and eventful week at Kids Adventures Prestwich. Most of our activities this week have been themed around the land of red, white and blue…the United States of America (USA). We have been busy designing and decorating flags, making

A plate full of thankfulness

turkey cakes and thinking about all the things that we are thankful for.

We reflected on these thoughts together over a delicious home made thanksgiving meal. We also talked about the president of the USA and what it means to be president. Our discussions excited four children so much that they wanted to run for nursery president themselves. All the children supported and voted for the candidate that they wanted to win, and I can tell you Well done to all our candidatesthat it was a close knit race all the way to the end.

I want to thank and congratulate all the candidates that ran. After a gruelling election week, I can happily announce that we now have a nursery president! They are currently taking a well deserved break and are excited to begin their new post in the new year!

Happy Thanksgiving