Information on how we are opening after     Covid-19


We know you will have a lot of questions about sending your child to nursery following the lifting of lockdown.

We have put together this comprehensive list of FAQs to let you know what we are doing to adapt our childcare to keep your little ones happy and safe. We are looking forward to welcoming each and every one of them.

Will drop off and pick up points be different now?

Yes, to minimise unnecessary contact parents and carers will drop off and pick up at the garden gate for each setting.

How will safe distancing be maintained at drop off and pick up?

Distancing guidance will be marked on the ground and families will be asked to queue. We will issue time slots for each child if needed at the busiest times to make the process safer and quicker. If there is already a queue and you have come to nursery in a car we would suggest waiting in your car to ensure there’s not a bottleneck.

What happens if I need to pick up or drop off at a different time than normal?

For Prestwich Please ring the nursery when you are outside on 0161 798 7465

For Forest School Please ring the setting  when you are outside on 0161 792 5448 or 07895 914492

For Radcliffe Please ring the nursery when you are outside on 0161 724 0700

For Salford Please ring the nursery when you are outside on 0161 710 1077

What happens if my employer requires me to work different hours during the crisis?

We understand you may need childcare earlier, later or to fill a gap in the middle of the day and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please contact us at or call 07837 446062 to discuss further.

What will be the routine for the nursery day? 

We will be sticking to our normal routines, with extra cleaning and hand washing taking place

What topics will be covered?

Topics will be based on the children’s interests and will reflect this weekly or monthly. All of our topics and themes will cover the learning requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

How will you be supporting the children’s wellbeing and answering questions on COVID-19?

We will be talking to children about the current climate. We have multiple children’s stories covering Covid-19. We will show children different items of PPE in case it is needed.

But will nursery feel very different to what my child is used to?

Our nurseries have always worked in smaller groups as we believe in providing a family-feel setting with lots of 1-2-1 care.

Will my child have to keep 2m away from their friends and staff at all times?

No, that would be impossible to implement and make the children (and us) very unhappy. We will be working in small dedicated groups with a member of staff assigned to each small group daily.

This is to minimise lots of contact with different children and members of staff.

Will my child remain in the same ‘bubble’ of children? 

Our settings are small, which means that each nursery can be classed as a ‘bubble’. The children will be based in the rooms appropriate to their age range during their day with lots of access to the outdoor environment.

How will children avoid contact with other small groups?

Children will remain in their base rooms and will only associate with the children from that room. Outdoor sessions will be scheduled to avoid groups mixing.

What arrangements are there for mealtimes? 

Food will be served to the rooms as usual and the children will eat in their base rooms. Self-service will not be encouraged.

Will the children still be able to enjoy outdoor play?

We believe strongly in the benefits of outdoor education and plenty of fresh air is especially important at the moment.

We make sure all of our children get regular outdoor play. Our Forest School children spend their full day outside. The nursery settings are also taking part in scheduled outdoor Forest School sessions once a week, these take place a short walk away from the nurseries.

What measures will you be taking to ensure good hand hygiene?

We have put in place a handwashing schedule across all settings. All children and staff will wash their hands at the start of every day and then frequently throughout, including when changing activity or room, before mealtimes and, of course, when going to the toilet.

Will the same resources such as toys be used for all children and will they be cleaned each day? 

Resources will stay in the room they are to be used in and will be cleaned each day. We have removed some soft furnishings and toys. These can be brought in if needed and washed after use.

How often will the nursery be cleaned?

A rigorous timetable is in place. We will be cleaning the nursery as we go throughout the day and it will undergo a deep clean at the end of every day.

What will happen if a child falls ill? How will we all be informed? Will we not be able to use the nursery until being tested or isolating again for 14 days?

If children or staff develop coronavirus symptoms, they will be sent home and advised to self-isolate for seven days. Their household should self-isolate for 14 days.

All staff and children will have access to a test if they display symptoms and are encouraged to get tested. If the result is negative, they can return to nursery and the family can end self-isolation.
If the test is positive, the rest of their class or group will be sent home and advised to self-isolate for 14 days. The families of that wider group do not need to self-isolate unless the person they live with from that group subsequently develops symptoms.
As part of the national test and trace programme, if other cases are detected, Public Health England will conduct a rapid investigation and will advise on the most appropriate action.

Will it always be like this?

We will, of course, lift restrictions when it is safe and sensible to do so.

If there is any concern we haven’t addressed, please contact us at or call 07837 446062


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Who are Kids adVentures?

Kids adVentures is part of Social adVentures, a not for profit social enterprise providing innovative solutions to enable communities to live healthier and happier lives.

We opened our first nursery 6 years ago as we wanted to work with whole families and provide 0-5 year olds with the best start in life.

We now have 4 childcare settings across Greater Manchester including a Forest School  rated OFSTED Outstanding.

During Covid-19 we provided flexible keyworker childcare at our Prestwich setting. We used our Radcliffe setting as a base for providing food parcels for vulnerable families, and we used our other sites to coordinate a response for local vulnerable people. We turned our forest school kitchen into a full time kitchen, cooking a delivering 600 meals to NHS frontline workers each week.

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