Forest School Pre-School/Holiday Club Behaviour Management Policy

Kids adVentures Forest School aims to:
• Build self-esteem, independence, motivation to learn whilst always maintaining a safe environment.
• Promote awareness, respect and care for other individuals and for the natural environment
• Reinforce collaborative behaviour
• Develop continuity of expectations and of approach to behaviour management both inside and outside Kids adVentures
• Develop awareness of acceptable behaviour and responsible behaviour in an outdoor environment
• Develop in both children and adults a pride in their achievements. In order that these aims are achieved, certain standards of behaviour must be sustained and reinforced.

The Role of the Forest School Leader
The Forest School Leader will:
• Create a positive environment which encourages and reinforces caring, nurturing and acceptable behaviour towards one another, the environment and equipment
• Promote effective relationships in which all are accepted, valued and treated equally
• Be mindful of the need to maintain safety at all times
• Establish clearly defined standards of behaviour
• Provide a positive role model for all children and volunteers
• Involve forest school staff, parents, children and outside agencies in the establishment of acceptable standards of behaviour
• Place the needs of the children, including needs linked to their preferred learning styles, social and behavioural needs at the centre of the Forest School curriculum to maximise individual success and raise self-esteem.
• Give verbal praise to children demonstrating good work, good behaviour, cooperation and good group work

The Role of the Children
The children, to the best of their abilities and with or without support will:
• Listen carefully and respond to instructions and requests, especially those concerning safety
• Develop and maintain an acceptable attitude towards one another, the environment and all equipment

Rewards given at Forest School will feed into the conventional nursery rewards system. Forest School Leaders may issue verbal ‘Shooting Stars’ for: a) Good work, b) Good behaviour c) Effective cooperation d) Working effectively as part of a group

Where sanctions need to be given, the Forest School Leader will ensure the following steps are adhered to:
1. The Forest School Leader or Volunteer will try to re-engage the child in the first instance
2. A verbal warning will be given by the Forest School Leader or Volunteer by taking the child to one side and reminding them of the importance of acceptable behaviour.
3. The children will be given time out from the activity. They will be issued with a ‘Yellow Card’
4. If two yellow cards are given in one session resulting in a ‘red card’ the child will miss the next Forest School session and a letter will be sent home to the child’s parents/carers.

However, if the child’s actions are placing the group or an individual at risk, the child will be dealt with in the following manner:
• The child will be escorted back to the main site to work in another area.
• Where the behaviour is deemed to have been very unsafe, the child will be excluded from the Forest School sessions and parents will be called to collect the child.
• In all of the above cases, an incident report will be completed by the Forest School Leader.

By positively promoting good behaviour, valuing co-operation and a caring attitude, we hope to ensure that children will develop as responsible members of society.

This policy was adopted on Signed on behalf of the nursery Date for review
July 2018 Rachel Doyle July 2019