Our Vision & Values

Setting Kids adVentures Apart


Kids Adventures aims to inspire children to live healthier and happier lives though providing a fun, healthy, stimulating, safe learning environment that supports children to develop their full potential.

Mission Statement

We want our families to look back fondly on their time with us through creating fabulous memories. To achieve this, Kids adVentures will provide families with affordable childcare with children benefitting from rewarding early learning experiences which inspires them to lead healthier and happier lives and helps prepare them for lifelong learning.

We achieve this by providing:

• A friendly caring environment that supports health, learning and development
• Well trained and qualified staff
• Encouraging children to be independent and have a go
• Staff who are supportive and caring of children
• High quality teaching, health, play and learning opportunities
• Creating curious, creative and resilient learners
• Meeting the needs of individual children
• Working with parents and families as partners
• Supporting health, well-being and respect for all
• Promoting positive behaviours
• Building children’s confidence, self-esteem and promoting a sense of belonging
• Working with other professionals to help support children’s health, learning and development
• Experiences that value, reflect, celebrate and build on the diverse community

Kids Adventures

3 Chandos Rd,
M25 9WW

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Kids Adventures

2-4 Sandford St,
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Kids Adventures
Forest School

Garden Needs,
1 Radford St,
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Kids Adventures

The Angel Centre
1 St Philip's Place,
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