Kids adVentures Forest School Prestwich Rated “Outstanding in all areas.”

Kids adVentures Forest School Prestwich Rated “Outstanding in all areas.”

We are delighted to announce that our Prestwich Forest School has been rated “OUTSTANDING in ALL areas” by OFSTED.

Two OFSTED inspectors spent a full day at forest school on 5th November shadowing the activities of our pre-schoolers, here’s some highlights from their report.

Learning Experience

“Highly qualified and experienced staff are extremely skilful in providing high-quality learning experiences.”

“Children demonstrate a thirst for learning. For example, children use a saw to cut branches, which they make into wooden blocks for the construction area. Children transfer these skills as they construct weaving frames.”

“Healthy lifestyles are embedded in the curriculum. Staff offer children a rich set of experiences. For example, children make dens and use real wood working tools, demonstrating high levels of skill and concentration.”

Learning Environment

“Children are extremely happy and settled in the forest school. Every aspect of the day is a learning opportunity.”

“The environment provides a wealth of learning opportunities. For example, children paint using natural resources and problem solve how they can unblock a sink in the mud kitchen.”

“Children understand the safety rules of the ‘campfire’ and show immense care as they tend to the nursery chickens.”

Using our Imaginations

“Children have vivid imaginations. They designate roles within their play and name different areas in the environment such as ‘dragon mountain’ and ‘witches cottage’.”

 Emotional Development

“Staff place children’s well-being at the centre of their practice. As a result, children form positive relationships with others. Children are independent and confident and their behaviour is exemplary.”

“Care practices are first class which significantly impact on children’s confidence and self-motivation. Staff encourage children to attempt things by themselves which promotes resilience.”

“They (the children) show a great fascination for exploration and investigation and are extremely confident communicators.”

Health and Wellbeing

“Children plant, grow and eat their own vegetables. They explore the effect of exercise on the body. They discuss changes they observe as their heart rate quickens and their breath becomes visible in the cold air.”

Parent Feedback

“Parents are extremely complimentary about the service provided. They state, ‘children gain experience of the real world and gain skills they can take through life’ and ‘wow, staff are amazing!’”

Speaking about the achievement, Nursery Manager, Rachel Doyle said, “The team has worked really hard over the last few years to develop a unique pre-school outdoor learning experience, it is fantastic to have this recognised by OFSTED. We incorporate all aspects of normal nursery learning utilising nature and outdoors giving every child an early years experience that fosters team work and confidence. We really believe that this is a fantastic way to learn and we want to share this with as many children as possible.”

The Kids adVentures Prestwich Forest School is a full time pre-school which operates as an extension to our Prestwich Nursery. The children start at the Prestwich nursery from aged 0 upwards and progress over to the forest school site full time when they reach pre-school age.

To book a visit to the forest school pre-school or to the Prestwich Nursery contact us at Tel: 0161 798 7465 or email

You can read the full OFSTED report here.

The Kids adVentures Forest School also offers holiday clubs, home education sessions, birthday parties and adult forest school training.