Forest School Training Courses FAQ

Forest School Training Courses FAQ

What are the benefits?

Working in the outdoors daily and doing something you love. Having the freedom to set up your own forest school with an ethos created by you. Ability to work with all different ages, running sessions around outdoor activities that interest you.

To achieve a nationally recognised qualification that is part of a national framework.

To inspire and empower youngsters through learning in the outdoors.

How soon can I start leading my own sessions?

You can start running your own forest school sessions after you have completed your first 7 days of theory and practical training. You can continue to run these sessions for the full 12 months until you have qualified. You must qualify within the initial 12 months in order to keep running your sessions.

Do I need to have a group that I can work with in to complete the practical sessions and qualify?

You will need to lead a minimum of 6 of your own sessions in order to qualify. However we will be able to provide you with groups to work with if this is required.

How long does it take to qualify?

Qualification takes between 9 and 12 months depending on how quickly you complete your portfolio.

Are there any entry requirements?

Yes, you will need to have a Level 2 qualification in Education or Woodland Management.

How does the trainer assess the learner?

We use a variety of different assessment methods to check that the assessment criteria is being met and give plenty of feedback along the way to help you keep on track.

Practical skills such as fire, tool and rope work will be assessed during our practical training days.

Trainees will be assessed in a variety of ways giving the flexibility to tailor the assessment around methods that the learner is most comfortable with. Types of assessment methods include:

Group discussion

Written work


Tutor observation

Peer observation

Scenario based assessment

Individual responses

Visual evidence

Oral evidence

Video evidence

Your portfolio can consist of oral, digital or written evidence (or a mixture of these).

What is the time commitment?

In addition to the theory and practical days you will need to complete around 120 hours of independent study time during the 12 months in order to complete your 6 sessions and portfolio.

What support is available?

We provide a variety of support during and beyond your training. Garry is a very approachable tutor who takes time to ensure each learner has a good understanding.

In addition to the 7 days of theory and practical learning at the centre we will also provide a number of additional non-compulsory learning days which learners can use as and when needed.

Garry will also provide lots of 121 support particularly around running your own sessions.

Face to face, telephone and email support will be available throughout your learning period.

Who is the trainer?

Garry Roberts is our Forest School Trainer. He is an ex high school teacher, forest school practitioner and outdoor enthusiast. In between running forest school training Garry delivers forest school sessions to different groups locally in Salford and Greater Manchester from pre-school sessions through to sessions for Over 50’s and sessions for people with mental health problems.

Where is the training held?

Our Centre is just outside of Manchester City Centre. We are only 10 minutes drive away from Manchester’s Central Railway Stations.

We have a fully enclosed centre with full facilities with an adjoining woodland that we can walk straight out into. Training is therefore conducted both within our enclosed site and out in the woodland.

The address for our Centre is  – Garden Needs, 1 Radford Street, Salford M7 4NT

How much does the course cost?

The total cost for the 12 month course is £800. We offer a number of flexible payment places where you can pay in 4 installments of £200 across the 12 month training period.

How can I book?

Contact us on Tel: 0161 212 4980 or email